14 October 2014

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed!

Sponsored by Madison Reed

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreat

How many of you color your hair at home?  I know I do.  I wish I could get it done professionally but A) I don’t have the time and B) I don’t have the money.  As someone who has been coloring my hair for over 20 years, I can confidentially say that I have tried almost every hair color on the market, but I could never find one I was 100% happy with!  So when Madison Reed offered to send me a box of their healthier at-home hair color, I was intrigued.  When I found out it was ammonia free, yet guaranteed 100% grey coverage, I knew I had to put it to the test!

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreat

Using the Madison Reed app on my iPhone, I took a quiz to help me determine which Madison Reed Hair Color was right for my curly color treated hair.

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreat

Based on my Cool Skin Tone and existing Level 6 Brown Color Treated Hair, I chose Milano Brown, which was one of several fabulous recommendations.  I actually really liked Verona Brown as well, but my husband voted for the deeper shade “to bring out my porcelain skin.”  (His words, not mine!)

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreatHealthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreat

Just two days after I placed my order, my Madison Reed At-Home Color Kit arrived!  In it was everything I needed (and didn’t know I needed) to color my hair!
  • Two pairs of fitted gloves (one to use while coloring your hair, and one to use in the shower when washing out the color!)
  • Barrier cream (to prevent staining – this is always a step I forget!)
  • A cleansing wipe (so convenient!)
  • A protective cap (holds in heat and prevents drips!)
  • Color cream
  • Activator
  • Shampoo and Conditioner (yes!  you actually shampoo the color out!  how cool is that?)

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreatHealthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreatHealthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreatHealthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreat

I’m almost embarrassed to share my before pic – I have so many greys and my hair color was very uneven!  Can you believe I had colored it less than 10 days earlier?!?!

Sephora It's Real over Marc Jacobs Midnight in Paris

The box has very easy to follow instructions, but you can also follow video instructions on the Madison Reed app on your phone!  The instructions were super easy to follow.  After setting the timer on my phone, I was able to relax and paint my nails without smelling all of the nasty fumes I usually associate with hair color!

Healthier At-Home Hair Color with Madison Reed #MRTreat

It’s been three full days since I colored my hair with Madison Reed Milano Brown, and in that time I have washed it three times… and I still can’t find any grey!  I am totally convinced that I no longer have to sacrifice my hair to get rich, long-lasting results. I really can get 100% gray coverage without the stink, burn, or itch of the harsh chemicals found in other colors and I love the luminous shine that I received thanks to the Argan Oil, Keratin, and Ginseng Root! 

Yes, Madison Reed is more expensive than buying hair color at the drugstore, but it’s SO MUCH less expensive than going to the salon, yet I got the same results! 

You can experience the at-home luxury of Madison Reed for $29.95 per box, or choose the subscription rate of $24.95 per box.  You can schedule your second box to arrive between 4-10 weeks after your initial order.  You can also get 50% off their first Color Kit with code MRPAMPER if you place your order before November 30th 2014!  This is good for new customers only, not combinable with any other offers, and valid only on one Color Kit.

Which Madison Reed shade would you order?  Take the quiz and find out!
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