19 December 2014

Guest Post: Christmas Lights Nail Art by Kim!

Nothing to Disclose

Christmas Lights Nail Art by Kim for polish insomniac

With all the Christmas lights strung up on the tree and around our town home, I really wanted something that made my nails shine like the lights. I searched for inspiration and loved the Christmas light nails. I experimented with sharpies, nail pen, drawing the wires myself but I couldn't find a thin enough line to my pleasing. After drawing on my nails a few times, it hit me. I went in to my sewing kit and brought out a black string. Just a simple black sewing string and it worked!! There were some fuzzies when I added a top coat but from a distant it wasn't noticeable.

I put on a coat of my Orly Bonder base coat then added 2 coats of 'Look at my nails' by Etude which is a Korean nail polish I got from Korea. It goes on very smoothly and dries very quick. And it happens to match my skin which I love. While the nail is still semi wet on the second coat, I laid down the strings into positions I desired; loops, straight across, double loops. It sticks on much better while it's semi dry. After finishing the strings I then lay on the multi colored Swarovski crystals I ordered on amazon randomly across the string. The Swarovski crystal in my opinion has a higher shine than acrylic which can look dull. They cost a bit more than acrylic but it's well worth the money for the shine you achieve. I usually order the size 5ss and any smaller than that will look like dust. After I press each one into my nail to make sure it stays I wait about 30 min for it to dry completely. Then I add a layer of Seche Vite topcoat and you can see the crystals shine. After the first layer of top coat dries then you add one more just for added security your crystals will not fall off. After 2 or 3 days I added on another layer of top coat to last me throughout the week.

I absolutely love this nail art look by Kim!  Who would have thought that regular old string would look so good?  I know she wore these nails for over a week, she definitely got her use out of her Swarovski crystals!
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