09 January 2015

3 More Nail Art Looks from guest Nail Artist Kim!

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Holly Inspired Nail Art by Kim for polish insomniac

I have three more nail art looks from my guest Nail Artist Kim to share with you today!  First (and my favorite) is this holly inspired look.  Even though we are officially past the holidays, I begged her to share this one with us!  Kim layered one coat of Orly Tinsel over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape.  Amazingly simply, but visually stunning!

Silver Tape Nail Art by Kim for polish insomniac

This second look is from last New Year’s… and believe it or not it was Kim’s first attempt at using nail art tape! I am jealous of her skill, I haven’t succeeded in a single look with nail art tape!  She added silver ball accents to give the look dimension.

Christmas Tree Inspired Nail Art by Kim for polish insomniac

The last look is something Kim recreated after browsing Pinterest.  She started with a black base and a layer of matte top coat.  After the matte top coat dried, she taped off her nails and applied one layer of China Glaze Pizzazz* and one layer of Orly Tinsel, then quickly removed the tape.  To finish the look she added yellow crystals for a star on top of each tree.  Gorgeous!  I can’t wait to try this next year!

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3 Holiday Nail Art Looks by Kim for polish insomniac

Which one of Kim’s nail art looks is your favorite?

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