12 January 2015

China Glaze Ultra-Violet (ULTA Exclusive)

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China Glaze Ultra-Violet

During the madness that is holiday sales I stumbled across China Glaze Ultra-Violet on ULTA’s website.  The polish was one of six limited edition ULTA exclusives.  Curious as to what exactly it was, I ordered both China Glaze Ultra-Violet and Cons-Ulta My Manicurist.

China Glaze Ultra-Violet

When I first received China Glaze Ultra-Violet I thought it may be a rebottled and renamed color from the Prismatics Collection.  However, after swatching it there are some obvious differences.  The polishes in the Prismatics Collection (like Prism) had a colored base with multicolored glitter.  Ultra-Violet has a slightly milky base and gets it’s color from the predominantly violet glitter.  Above it two layers of China Glaze Ultra-Violet.  Pretty?  Yes!  Does it dry quickly?  No! 

China Glaze Cons-Ulta My ManicuristChina Glaze Cons-Ulta My Manicurist

The only other polish that caught my eye was Cons-Ulta My Manicurist, a pretty sky blue that was very vibrant.  The formula was on the thin side, but very shiny!

A full list of ULTA exclusive shades:
  • Ulta-Violet (multi color prism overlay)
  • Be Bright Back (bright fuchsia crème)
  • Sweet Talk To Me (soft purple/pink crème)
  • Cons-Ulta My Manicurist (blush blue crème)
  • Diamond In The Rough (silver flake overlay)
  • Golden Seal (gold flake overlay)

Have you encountered any of these mystery shades from China Glaze? 

Are there any others I should pick up?

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