16 January 2015

Coming Soon: New Shades from Nicole by OPI

Nothing to Disclose

Nicole by OPI - New Shades for 2015

I look forward to the new Nicole by OPI shades every year.  Yes, I hate the bottles, how they look like saggy boobs and how annoying they are to store.  But man, do I love the shades and the formula!

Nicole by OPI A Heart of Gold
A Heart of Gold - This gold super-shimmer makes my heart skip a beat.

Nicole by OPI Bee in the Moment
Bee in the Moment – I rock this sunshine yellow like nobody’s bzz-ness!

Nicole by OPI Count to Tan
Count to Tan – On a scale of one to ten, this sophisticated nude is an eleven!

Nicole by OPI Get a Mauve On!
Get a Mauve On! – This cool mauve-y purple really gets me going!

Nicole by OPI In Sync with Pink
In Sync with Pink – I feel very connected with this bubblegum pink.

Nicole by OPI Keep Your Gray Job

Keep Your Gray Job – Update your colour resume with this power gray job.

Nicole by OPI Profoundly Purple

Profoundly Purple – This deep eggplant has soulful beauty.

Nicole by OPI Simply Sub-lime

Simply Sub-lime – This tart lime green is happiness in a bottle.

Nicole by OPI That's Just Plain Nuts

That’s Just Plain Nuts! – I’m absolutely crazy-in-love with this nutty brown!

Nicole by OPI Who Are You Calling a Shrimp

Who are You Calling a Shrimp? – Don’t come up short…reach for this melon-pink!

Nicole by OPI My Claim to Fame

My Claim to Flame – This head-turning hot red is the talk of the town.

These shades should be available soon whereever Nicole by OPI is sold.

Which shades do you have your eye on?  For me, it’s Get A Mauve On, Who Are You Calling a Shrimp? and Simply Sub-lime!

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